New Blog!

Hello loyal followers!

I’ve moved to I’ll be posting photography every day and poems.

– Floof


Ahh…. What lovely weather we’ve been having….

No, I’m serious! For the past few days it’s been rain, rain, and more rain and I’ve been LOVIN’ IT! (Thanks McDonald’s) Rain is just so much more… interesting than just plain sunshine. Also it makes the ground smell wonderful. And rain means clouds! (Which I also love very much) Clouds means cloud pictures. Cloud pictures means a blog post. Therefore loyal readers, rain is good for you too!

Remember my post Reflections in the Shadows? Here is  Silent Shadow the much anticipated good copy. Yes it is rather depressing in the first few pages, but bear with it.

All other stories are temporarily on hold for Paradise Lost and…. something else.(My little surprise!)

Paradise Lost refers to the loss of innocence that occurs in the journey from being a child to an adult. If you look back there are things you do and say now that you wouldn’t dream of doing and saying when you were five years old. I’m not sure how to start it though… As usual. It should end up very surreal and dreamy.

You could say I’m on a mild inspiration low. I’ve been drawing mostly, but I ALWAYS get stuck at the hands.

As you can tell from the state of my blog, I haven’t been spending a lot of time writing. I guess this is the beginning of my comeback. 

Bear with me!

– The Wearer of Socks


I feel so guilty!

Oh my goodness. Even I find it appalling that I haven’t written a post in… what is it… almost four months? (To lazy to count *smiles*)

I have decided to write my FIRST EVER MUSIC POST!!!! (Aren’t you TERRIBLY happy?) (Usually, I try to cut down on the caps but today is an exception)

So. This post is not about “GAHHH!” This post is about Rosé Wine and a Valentine.

There is something magical about magical music. This song is a great example of Magic. I don’t know about you, but I find this song extremely calming. Here’s the link.

Did you hear it? I commented so much. (If you don’t have a Noteflight account, don’t be shy! Get one!)

Seriously, this was my first comment:


“This is actually really cool! ( I kinda swore off listening to this ’cause I knew it was going to be SUPER AWESOME) The suspense was killing me so… yeah… I listened to it. As i thought, it was super awesome and worth it. It is really relaxing also…. It reminds me of…. idunno, candycanes somehow. And warm happy afternoons spent writing and reading in winter by the fireplace. I am going to favourite this. (which means this song has won my approval) Also reminds me of waking up in the middle of the night and wishing on the moon. And dragonflies flying low over pristine ponds, and it does sound like At helped. It has his “signature”.”


Every time I have a bad day, I just have to listen to this and I feel better. Like I said. Pure magic. My friend told me something amazing about music. Here! Take a look at another comment I wrote on the same song:


“…Today was an average day. Not that great, but not TERRIBBLE either. And I was pretty tired by now. And then I listened to this song. And everything that happened was just erased. It’s like magic. I guess that’s just music.

Here’s something interesting that I learned from musicmania808. When you hear a piece of music, it is LITERALLY touching you. The sound goes inside your ear and vibrates your eardrum. So when I speak to you, I am also touching you. According to the article “It’s a very intimate act.” And it went on to explain how music affects us. It also talks about how a fetus in the womb can hear music and react to it.

The power of music is amazing. It can make you happy, it can make you sad. It can change your day for the better or for the worse. And this song has DEFINITELY touched me, both physically and well uh… (this might sound cheesy) in my heart.  Keep it up!”


Yeah…. I actually comment a lot. I guess I like to express my opinion. If you ask any of my friends, they’ll say I talk a lot. The thing I really like about Noteflight is that even if you aren’t really a composing type person, you can still listen to music and communicate with the composer and tell him/her your thoughts on the song.

I listen to a lot of (Let’s call it “energetic” okay?) music that is “active”. (Very fast, very intense) I find slow music really helps me to calm down. I couple months ago, I learned that slow music is NOT boring as I used to think. I used to be too impatient to listen to it and skip to the next song halfway through. Songs like Rosé Wine and a Valentine have a certain warmness. They can make you happy, uplifted, calm, or sad…

Come to think about it this post has no structure whatsoever. But forgive me. I hope you like it… XP (I so bad.)

– The Wearer of Socks

P.S. Promise I will post soon!

I Have Returned…


Did anyone miss me?

Did anyone wonder what happened to me?

Did anyone think I was abducted by aliens?

I have good news for you! I am fine.

*gasps of surprise/ sighs of relief*

What was I doing all this time? *ummmmmmm* Having March break and *ahem* MAKING POM-POM animals! SO CUTE! *squeal*

Also I have some NEW ideas….. So what do you think? Guardian angel falls in love with a mortal, or Cinderella’s stepsister?

Angel Tears: A guardian angel finds out about love and jealousy, feelings that only mortals can have. She falls in love with the mortal she’s guarding. This story transmits a lot of… frustration to the reader because she is SO obviously in love but she doesn’t understand what she is feeling. Of course there is sad stuff in the climax and it is kinda psychological.

Letters to the Fairy Godmother or the Other Sister (Should I say “Other Slipper”?): Ok. The plot line isn’t as clear in this one, but it’s sort of like Cinderella from her stepsister’s perspective. The stepsister has been bullied and treated badly and as a result she’s HARSH. (Like in the original.) The fairy godmother gives her one chance to fix her life and…. you will see. I am thinking of making this a series of letters, hence “Letters to the Fairy Godmother

*Looks outside the window*

It SNOWED! *NOOOOOO* Yesterday, it was really nice and dry, and then a giant cloud monster had to dump snow everywhere.

Yes, rain is my favourite weather and snow is…. ok. But when you’ve been slogging through slush for the past month and a half a little SUN in your cold and wet world is welcome. But rain is still the best.

I am kind of running out of time, so I guess this is the end.

Goodbye dear readers,

The Wearer of Socks

False Eylashes….. ? (and Clothing Ideas)

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Guess what? I figured out how to make false eyelashes for Barbie!

Just so you know, I design doll clothes (no sewing, non-permanent so I can reuse materials) , give them makeup (gel pen), and dye their doll hair (with washable markers). I am kinda an expert on this so if you need any help, feel free to ask me.

To do this, cut up the fibers of artificial feathers and glue them to the doll’s eyes. Make sure you use white or washable type of glue so that it peels of afterwards. When you are done, the doll’s face will be really messy so you should peel off the eyelashes then wash the doll’s face. When you are done with that, THEN you can put on make up.

To make the makeup like how it looks in the picture, make two layers of colour on the upper eyelid (I used gold and copper) then use another colour for the lower eyelid (I used this brownish purple). Re- outline the outline for the bottom part of the eye. When done, use a thin paintbrush or toothpick and blur with water until the colours blend nicely. Repeat for the top.

It is always better to wait for the bottom half of the eye to dry first before doing the top because I tried doing both and the colours ran together.

When you’re done, glue the false eyelashes onto the makeup and proceed to the next step, whatever that may be for you.

Have fun!!

– The Wearer of  Socks

Land Where the Lost Dreams Go


There is a place, far away from here, where the lost dreams go.

They float from sleepy heads and cold pillows,

through the window and out the door.


And on the way they eat bananas,

with chocolate canteloupe.

The travel on the Dream Ship,

each in a little cardboard box.


It  travels through the clouds and skies.

No one knows where it goes.

But it goes to the Land of the Lost Dreams,

And it’s very far away.


Imagine a place with candy trees with yummmy candy leaves.

Takes some as you pass them by,

You’ll need them when you’re hungry.

Here the dreams float close to the ground,

Just pick them like the flowers.

And pink sugar rain falls from the sky,

In delicate tasty showers.


It’s a land for dreamers,

A place for sleepy souls.

Come here if you dare.


When alarm clocks are too loud and your dream was scared away,

or life is dull and meaningless,

Just go to the Land of the Dreams.


It’s peaceful and relaxed there,

Just go to the land of the dreams.


I wrote this quite a while ago, so I’m not sure what the inspiration was. But it went to a tune because of it’s irregular rythym…… Let you know when I find out.

Come to think of it, lots of my dreams must be going to the Land of Lost dreams cuz I can’t remember any of them.


P.S. I haven’t been posting in  while, right? Well, another post is coming tonight. I just need to upload pictures from the camera. It’s in a new category ‘Clothes’ under ‘Ideas’ (Hint, hint, CLOTHING IDEAS????) *giggle*


Adios!! (It’s 6:37  in the morning, by the way)

– the Wearer of Socks